When we close our eyes, what do we see?
Two-channel video installation

video 1
protagonist: Mengyin Wang
Location: Chinese Christian Community of Milan, Milan, Italy

video 2
Hypnotist(white words): Ziyan Tang

This work has two storylines, one is a voice recording of me doing hypnosis in Florence, the other is about one of my good friends' baptizing ceremony at the Christian church in Milan. From the perspective of mental state, my choice of seeking help from psychoanalyst is similar to her original motivation of praying to god. Therefore, in this video, I experiment on how to connect the stories of my friend and me and find the similarities between two different behaviors through the combination of virtuality and reality.
If those narrative stories(White Book) and paintings(Moonlit night series) show my concern and exploration of myself, then this video represents a connection between me and the real society.

这个作品两条故事线,一个是我在佛罗伦萨做催眠的录音,另一个是关于我的一位好朋友在米兰基督教会的施洗仪式。 从精神状态的角度来看,我从心理分析师那里寻求帮助的选择类似于她向上帝祈祷的最初动机。 因此,在这个视频中,我试验如何连接我和我的朋友的故事,并通过虚拟和现实的结合找到两种不同行为之间的相似之处。