Installation, 2017
cotton masks, portraits, photo frames, glass and glue

I found it interesting that human beings change their facial expressions unconsciously when they meet different people or be in different environments, although it may not be their true emotion at that moment.
I realized that our inner and outside are not consistent as we think. Actually, we can see it as a performance of mild multiple personality disorder, that is a kind of psychological phenomenon which though change personalities to adapt to different environments, is also considered as a psychological effort. 
So combined with my personal experience and habits, I use masks as a metaphor to express imply the split of people in their daily life.

我意识到我们的内心和外在并不像我们想象的那样一致。 实际上,我们可以将其视为轻度多重人格障碍的表现,即一种虽然改变人格以适应不同环境的心理现象,但也被认为是一种心理上的努力。