Photography, 2018
cotton masks
Photo shoot by Mengyin wang

I started to keep the masks I used from the end of 2017. After one year, I chose 50 of them.
When they were made, they had the same shape, put in the same packing bag, sold at the same price, but after used, they turned into a uniquely subconscious image. They are like fingerprints, no two are alike, just like no two people are alike.
It seems like a diary of my 2018 when I looked at them, I was thinking “a year has passed, am I still the one? ”

制作时,它们具有相同的形状,放在同一个包装袋中,以相同的价格出售,但在使用后,它们变成了一个独特的潜意识形象。 它们就像指纹,没有两个是相似的,就像没有两个人一样。