A Porn Writer

Artist in Residency program OAZO AIR, Amsterdam


In the last three months of 2021, the shadow of the pandemic which has lasted for two years still seems to hover over people’s heads. During the three-month residence in OAZO, I hardly go out and seldom contact other people, and firmly adhere to the lax prevention regulations . I was accompanied by the cloudy weather in the Netherlands and worried about my unknown life. When I saw the books on the shelf, I thought why didn't I write a book on my own? So I started to play the role of a lonely and autistic porn writer—‘Hairy-Leg’, who writes day and night in a space where he eats, lives, and works. For him, porn seems to be the simplest and most primitive self-consolation.

As a novelist, Hairy-Leg was used to write on the couch in front of the window, he liked green lawn outside. To his surprise, he was not as alone as he thought. Through the shutters, he could occasionally see rats, pigeons, crows, seagulls, and an elegant stork. When the lady upstairs threw bread down, countless birds would fly over to enjoy. Although the number of pigeons was the largest, crows and seagulls were always the overlords. When they landed, the poor pigeons could only wait cautiously. Before the birds noticed the bread, the rats family would start their carnival first. Hairy-Leg had never seen such big rats, which surprised him... When he stared at the animals outside the window, the leaves of the shutter seemed to become the iron railings of the prison. He thought, maybe he was even not as good as a rat...

As the one who acts the novelist, I honestly started the serialization of the novel "The Dragon Tail" on an unknown Chinese literary website, and published the first chapter on the 10th of October, as of now (13th Dec 2021), this novel has been collected by 2019 readers, and the novelist has also got 570 followers, and about 195 euros from the vip chapters... I made it a real softcover book and manually black out all the sentences, to make the focus on ‘behavior’ rather than ‘content’. As another part of the immersive stage, the role of the novelist's animal friends were also crucial. I used a 3D printing pen to transform their images, which became in line with the novelist's own understanding of them—an unconscious existence and an unknown participation.

When we talk about the influence of the times on the individual's mental state, from a broad environment to an invisible inner world, where should we start? When real life cannot meet our inner emotional needs, ‘daydreaming’ seems to have become a kind of lowest-cost relief, the novelist Hairy-Leg is just an example. I hope to explore the relationship between personal psychology and living environment through the observation of tiny individuals,  so as to arouse the audience's attention to their own inner state, which is also my original intention to create this Hairy-Leg’s world.