*Exhibited in Studio Kura, Itoshima, Fukuoka, Japan

This work was made in the artist residency of Studio Kura in Japan. I thought a lot about the “meaning” of the art works at that time.

My inspiration comes from shrines, temples and related myths and legends near the place of residence. I borrowed their forms to create my own mythological system, through the ‘hairy legs god’, a ridiculous figure, to reflect on this rational, efficient and realistic contemporary society -- it is meaningless, it is of no value, it is the gradually lost imagination of contemporary society.

I tried to transfer those traditional forms into a new conception.

The hairy leg is a common element in my work, first appeared in my previous oil paintings, at that time, it was the products of the subconscious created in the real scenes. Here, I continue this image and give it an identity of God.