From 2016 I started to collect my dreams, I type them in the memo immediately when I wake up. I dream very often, almost every night, but unfortunately not every dream is recordable. Until now I have recorded around 100 dreams. The more dreams I have, the more confusions appear. So what is the boundary between reality and dreams? I ask myself. What do I see when I close my eyes? And what do I really want to see?

“White book” is my writing work, which contains dozens of stories. I would like to preserve the poetic and mysterious aspects of my inner world, because dream itself is very personal, others can't directly see the same scene in my dream. So I decided to keep this euphemistic feature of dreams in artwork, that is, to remove visual elements, only to use pure word as a tool to show my spiritual world.

In the “White Book”, I do not present recorded dreams alone, but combine them with other experiences in the real or virtual world. While retaining the poetic quality of trance, there is also a foggy boundary between me and the audience, which is a kind of self-protection for me. Stream of consciousness is my common writing skill. I use the first person perspective and add a lot of descriptions of mental activities to help readers to create a sense of empathy, so as to better experience the confusion caused by the combination of reality and fiction. In these reconstructed worlds, hidden expressions, vague emotions, and suppressed desires are captured and amplified. I catch those wandering moments beyond real life and try to use words to reproduce the complex psychological feelings of human beings. Narrative and plot are not the focus of the “white book.” In my opinion, how to create an illusion in a limited space is the most interesting part of writing.

*Publication designd by JIYOUNG CHOI






1. Treasure house
2. Night wandering
3. Tblisi
4. A pair of sneakers
5. White dear
6. 10 hours with her
7. Requim
8. Nightmare deduction
9. Half chicken
10. Half chicken 2
11. Marrakech

... to be continued 

In the publication of White Book, there are also including some of my dreams,  graphic designer Jiyoung Choi presents them in a very dreamlike way.